Our Policies

The board of Directors and Management of MICHAEL RAYMOND NIGERIA LIMITED in view of the nature of work in the oil and gas industry, hereby in this CASHES Policy, clearly states:
>That the management is fully committed to the administration and enforcement of CASHES standard in all our operations.
>That CASHES is as important as any other aspect of our mainstream Business operation, it must given priority attention.
>That CASHES is a line/sectional responsibility.
>That staff unconditional acceptance by staff of compliance with company's CASHES Policy is a prerequisite for employment.
>That we shall observe all laid down safety regulations of our clients as well as comply with all regulations on safety at work and environment in all the statute books of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
>That the safety and health of our workers, protection of the environment and security of workers and equipment must be accorded priority attention in all our work sites.
>That we shall encourage and motivate our employees by recognizing good
HSE(s) performances amongst them through CASHES awards.

In order to ensure the maximum implementation of the company's CASHES Policy, Work/ activity will not commence on the worksites until all CASHES issues are implemented.

It is the policy and primary objective of MICHAEL RAYMOND NIGERIA LIMITED to work satisfactorily to meet her client's requirements by consistently working according to the client's specifications and standards.
The Quality of all jobs executed by us will not only meet the client's satisfaction but will also stand the test of time.
Our ultimate objective/goal will be a continuous improvement towards the target of error free work to avoid repetition of already done work which in all its ramifications is not cost effective.

Due to our undaunted efforts and commitment to render Quality services to our clients with a Total Quality Management (TQM) approach that meets local and international standards, we will always ensure that we maintain impeccable, professional and ethical standards in all our business dealings. We will always
negotiate in good faith with the intent of fostering long term, mutually beneficial relations with our customers, employees and suppliers.

Due to its vital importance in our operations, and also our 'resolute' in maintaining a good relationship in anywhere we go, we have devised appropriate methods to enhance cordial relationship between the host community and us in the following ways:
To respect and abide by all native laws and custom.
To raise community awareness and show high sense of commitment to the community where we are operating.
The company will employ at least 60% of its workforce on site from the host community. Preference will be given to the residents of the immediate community in all matters of employment on site.
To improve on our effort on community assistance.
All our operations will be planned in such a way as to ensure that there is no form of pollution in all areas of our operation.
All pollutants e.g. chemicals and allied products in use on site must used and controlled in such a manner that all spillages and wastes are controlled within the site. We will ensure appropriate disposal of domestic and Industrial wastes generated.
To ensure that all operations are carried out in a safe manner and eliminate the possibility of causing injury to the community, our employees and environment.
To source all materials that is available in the host community.


The company will carry out its public relations activities in such a way to meet our highly esteemed obligation, which is maintaining peace and harmony at all times during the course of our job execution